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Next Auction » The next On-line Auction will be on 18-19-20 June 2010.
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Terms of sale

The lots are sold on-line by Bonasia's Gallery. Bonasia's Gallery is exclusive mandatory in its own name and for each seller whose name will be transferred on the registers of the Auction House.

On-line Auction Time

The Auction session lasts three days during which is possible to relaunch on-line. At the end of the three days there are three hours extra (indicated next to the last offer). At the end of this time the object will be awarded.

Take partto the On-line Auction (How to register and buying guide)

To take part to the Auction is first necessary to register and then send the offer on the lot. It is up to the Auction House to accept the offer by selling a confirmation e-mail with a specific secret code. The participant with his secret code can also relaunch again the offer at least with a 10% more than the last offer.

At the end of the three days of the on-line Auction, next to the last offer, will be indicated the three hours extra for the Auction at the end of which there will be the award.

The contractor will be notified by an e-mail with the billing.

The contractor will pay to Bonasia's Gallery an Auction commission including the VAT of 18%, for each lot, on the price of the awarded object.

The works already declared of great importance (Art. 6 D.L. 29.20.99 n° 490) will be indicated during the selling.

On these works the Italian State may exercise its priority right within 60 days from the notification of sale; so the sale will be completed only after this term. In case the priority right will be actually exercised, the contractor will be repaid.

The export from Italy of a work, in particular for works old more than fifty years, is subject to the rules contained into the D.L. 29/10/99 n° 490 (Art. 65-72). The certificates for the free movements depend on the contractor. Failing to issue or delay in issuing of any certification is not reason for cancellation of the sale, and does not justifies the late payment from the contractor of the all due amount of money.

The regulation is tacitly accepted by those partecipating in this Auction.